Camzap Review
An Omegle alternative

Chat with strangers?

Ever since the Internet began connecting people from all around the world, online websites designed for this specific purpose, for people to meet up and form either relationships or just friendships took over the Internet. Lately, the websites that allow the users to chat with strangers have become increasingly more popular. One of such websites is, a website like Omegle that allows the users to chat with strangers through random video chats. However,, although perceived as an Omegle alternative at first, it has proven itself to be different from it due to the features it offers all its users.

Design and Layout

At first look, the layout of the website looks very rudimentary. It does not have features that would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is not elegantly built like other websites are and it is quite clear that those that designed this did not have any intention to use colors or other features to make the design attractive to the new users.

The layout of the page does seem to be quite organized and it is easy to find what you are looking for. The Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) is not very detailed, but it does help the new users get used to the website. The front page is informative, as the new user can read the rules of the website, some of the features it offers and certain facts about Camzap, such as that it’s free and that it offers some degree of security, although on the Internet, that can be disputed.

Random video chat features

Being a “chat with strangers” type of website, the features Camzap offers are pretty much the same as the ones other such websites do. The user cannot access the website unless he or she has a camera. After the system detected a camera, the user will be randomly connected to a stranger. If the user, for any reason, doesn’t want to talk to that particular person, by pressing a “Zap” button, he will be sent to another chat with a stranger. This is the system that all random video chat websites use. What is special about however is that it slowly destroys the anonymity of this type of websites by offering a feature through which users can send friend requests one to another and become friends. This is different in the sense that people no longer “chat with a stranger”, they become friends and are able to find each other on the website, which is not possible in other Omegle like websites.


  • The website is well organized and any new user can easily find the rules, how to use the website and where to start
  • Users can send each other friend requests, thus destroying the “chat with a stranger” system most video chat websites use
  • There are no ads on the page which makes camzap an easy to use and not confusing website like others are


  • People have reported that the men vs women ratio is high and it is very difficult to find a woman there, despite all the advertising
  • The design of the website is not very attractive. They could work on it and improve it

The bottom line

The bottom line is, is one of the websites from the “chat with a stranger” category that became highly popular all around the world. What is special about this particular website in relation to the other random video chat websites is the feature that enables people to send friend requests to each other. Although Camzap is not very well known in the States, it is becoming increasingly more popular in countries like Brazil, Portugal and others in Europe.